Financial Aid

Find information about scholarships and other aid to fund a transformative theological education.



The Financial Aid Process

01. Fill the Admission Form

The first step is to fill our 10-minute admission application form. Our admission counsellor will then contact you to take the process further.

02. Applying for Scholarship

Our admission counsellor will confirm with you if you require scholarship or any other assistance for the duration of your studies at FBC. You will then be guided through the scolarship application process.

03. Application Review

After you complete the scholarship application process, our admission team will review the application and communicate further information to you. 

Types of Scholarship

General Applicants

A highly subsidized monthly fee (with 40% subsidy) is available for non-FFCI (Filadelfia Fellowship Church of India) candidates.

Affiliate Applicants

60% subsidy is given for stream-lined candidates for all programmes. Special work scholarships may be given to such applicants on the recommendation of the concerned local pastor.

Academic Scholarships

This scholarship is available for select M. Div. candidates. Please note that the eligible candidates can apply only after completing the first semester.

Ministerial Scholarships

Annual scholarships are available to few full time students undertaking B.Th./Dip.Th. programme.


Your studies in Filadelfia Bible College may be sponsored by an organization, church or an institution with which you are affiliated. Additionally, you may be sponsored by your family members, extended or immediate. In any case, please download the sponsorship form from the download forms section, and send it along with your application forms, or in case you are applying online, along with the application receipt generated after submitting the application form.


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