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Finny Philip

Principal, Filadelfia Bible College

Our desire is to prepare students who display godly virtues and leadership in the churches of North India.

About Filadelfia Bible College

The College is dedicated in training and developing church leadership in this vast nation of India. It is our passion to see graduates ably lead the church, and make a positive difference in the society, equipped with the life changing Gospel of Jesus Christ. Filadelfia Bible College is associated with AETEI and its degree programs are accredited by Asia Theological Association.




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Campus Information

As an institution of theological education, Filadelfia Bible College provides quality education for those, who are called to the ministry. The College aims to equip people for ministry and participation in the mission of Jesus Christ in the world. It is done by facilitating a comprehensive knowledge of the Scriptures and an understanding of Christian doctrine.

Graduate Program

The Master of Divinity is a three-year degree programme in English medium providing students with professional vocational training for ministry on a college level. The purpose of the M.Div degree is to encourage those involved, or anticipating involvement in Ministry, with a special focus on Urban Mission. 

We’re now eleven years into our experiment and incredibly proud of the outcome. We’ve educated over 875 students between 2009-2020 through in-person programs.

A d m i s s i o n s

Admissions for various degree programs are open throughout the year. Residential programs typically begin in the first week of July every year. Online programs have two intakes in a year-January and July

Tell us a little about yourself and we’ll help with the rest. Our convenient online application tool only takes 10 minutes to complete.

After you submit your application, an admissions representative will contact you and will help you to complete the process.

Once you’ve completed your application and connected with an admissions representative, you’re ready to create your schedule.

Scholarship Programs

Filadelfia Bible College attempts to provide quality theological education at the minimum possible cost. Therefore, FBC offers scholarship for eligible candidates.

Tuition & Fees

The financials at Filadelfia Bible College are structured in a way that enable everyone who has a calling and wishes to pursue theological education to do the same without worrying about exorbitant costs associated with the same. We also provide scholarships to eligible candidates.

Master of Divinity

  • Registration ₹4000

    (One-Time, Not Included in the Total)

  • Tuition/Yr. ₹17550
  • Boarding/Yr. ₹18000


₹ 35,550

Bachelor of Theology

  • Registration ₹3000

    (One-Time, Not Included in the Total)

  • Tuition/Yr. ₹10800
  • Boarding/Yr. ₹18000


₹ 28,800


A community where we build each other up, and grow together.

The Campus

Situated in picturesque Udaipur, a historic city that once served as the capital of the erstwhile Kingdom of Mewar and now renowned for its beautiful lakes and historical monuments, Filadelfia Bible College offers some of the best facilities for theological studies in India. The college is located in a serene campus, next to the Fatehsagar Lake and away from the bustling city, and yet is easily accessible from all the central transportation hubs of the city.

News & Events

Are you ready to take the next step toward fulfilling your calling?

Are you ready to take the next step toward fulfilling your calling?​