Spiritual Formation and Practical Ministry

We Learn. We Grow. We Become.

FBC is committed to the spiritual as well as the academic formation of the person.

Spiritual growth is encouraged by promoting:

  • a disciplined life of prayer and devotional habits
  • a community spirit of worship and support
  • a deep surrender to God in faith and to others in service



At Filadelfia Bible College, students are encouraged to develop a habit of spending time in personal devotion. The aim is to inculcate in the students an attitude that will stay with them, not only when they are in the college, but also when they are out in the mission fields.


The chapel service contributes to deepening and enriching the devotional life of the College community. They also provide an opportunity for students’ participation in the leading of corporate worship. The worship service is bilingual: Hindi and English. The morning chapel service is held from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. from Monday to Friday. These services are organized by students. Preachers will be from among faculty, students and guests from India and abroad. Special music for these services is often organized by the students. Regular attendance is required of all students. Friday evenings are separated for fasting and prayer.8


Koinonia Groups

The student body is divided into various mentor groups, also known as the Koinonia Groups. Each student will be under the mentorship of a faculty. These groups meet separately every month as planned by the individual group. Apart from these gathering each student can meet the mentor personally, at any time as per the convenience of the mentor, for a time of prayer, counseling and sharing. Such groups are intended to strengthen the spiritual life of the students as well as to minimize the distance between the students and faculty.


With the intention of training the whole person, the college has provided basic facilities for regular games, separately for men and women. There are annual competitions organized by the students on various games, which draw attention and participation of the entire community.

Apart from sports, there are various activities happening throughout the year, which contribute to the holistic enrichment of students. There are debates, cultural activities and seminars throughout the academic session, to provide a holistic learning experience to the students.

Practical Ministry

The Filadelfia Bible College is dedicated to providing quality academic and practical ministerial training. The Department of Practical Ministry provides ministerial opportunity during the weekdays and weekends for students to gain practical experience and to develop skills for ministry. This includes organizational cell groups, pioneering churches, street evangelism, hospital ministry, outreach programmes, organizing Sunday school, youth meetings, and the like. Each practical ministry programme is designed to enable the students to receive on-the-job instruction and training from qualified and experienced supervisors. This experience will prepare the students for the many complex ‘life situations’ that will be encountered later in ministry. The college requires each student to have a minimum of 45 days of supervised ministry during each summer break. Apart from these, another four months’ ministry is required, soon after the completion of course, but before the graduation.

Filadelfia Central Church in Udaipur offers students opportunities to participate in worship and ministry. The college strongly encourages each student to maintain close ties with the local church while enrolled in the College.


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