Why Filadelfia Bible College?

IMG 2195As an institution of theological education, Filadelfia Bible College provides quality education for those, who are called to the ministry. The College aims to equip people for ministry and participation in the mission of Jesus Christ in the world. It is done by facilitating a comprehensive knowledge of the Scriptures and an understanding of Christian doctrine.

As an institution which provides pastoral leadership for natives, it seeks to train and encourage natives to take up leadership in the Church and society. The College gives training in various aspects of ministry, by providing resources to persons in ministry and leadership in the Church.

Filadelfia Bible College aims to build up a new generation of Christians, who are able to proclaim the Gospel through word and deed in different contexts at the service of God and humanity. The College instills a vital vision for evangelism, mission and Christian social service.

These aims are implemented through carefully planned programmes and activities. The college endeavors to maintain high academic standards and practical excellence by encouraging the faculty both in teaching and in pastoral activities, and by encouraging students in independent study and practical involvement.

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At Filadelfia Bible College, we seek to mould young men and women, who have chosen to serve God with their hearts and minds in this vast nation of India. And through your action, you become a partner with Filadelfia Bible College in its ministry. Get in touch with us today to know more about partnering with us.

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